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The Perfect Place for Imperfect People!


Senior Pastors:
Victor & Kortney Jones

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       Assistant Pastors
         Alicia Cook

Welcome to Acts Campus Ministry at UIUC, we greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  It is our hope and prayer that God will touch your heart and you be changed forever through His Love and Power.  We love you.  All are welcome at Acts Campus Ministry because we are the perfect place for imperfect people.

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Janay J.

ACTs has been everything to me and my family. I remember my first time coming to service, I felt so warm and welcomed. I was able to experience God in such a way that I never have before and not be ashamed or have to worry about who was looking at me. I wanted to be in His presence and never leave. That’s how ACTs makes me feel and I haven’t left since. Pastor Kortney and Pastor Vic have been wonderful to me and my husband and our children, they married us, dedicated our children to the Lord, and we’re ever so grateful for them. I have lifelong sisters and brothers and I thank God that I was told about ACTs Campus Ministry. I literally have FAMILY here!

Rosi A.

I'm a freshmen and I just started going to this church group and I love it! The people are so nice and welcoming and Pastor Victor is super great at interpreting the word so that all ages understand and are engaged.

Acts is like one big family to me. Although I have a church family at home, this one is bonus family. It is because of this ministry, that I have gotten closer to Christ during the school year. I love how welcoming and loving both Pastor Kortney and Pastor Vic are. From this ministry, I’ve made some AWESOME, FUN, NON-JUDGEMENTAL FRIENDS WORKING ON STRENGTHENING THEIR FAITH JUST LIKE ME and I am so grateful for that.

One thing I love about Acts is that I can come to worship and praise God without the fear of being judged. No matter the time or day our pastors are always available whenever we need them. Whether it’s just for a small chat or crisis Pastor Victor and Kortney phones and home has always been opened to my family and I. Acts has always made me feel at home, since my first visited. I love that we’re a family structured church. 
Acts has done so much for me, from premarital and personal counseling, learning a few parenting skills, to just helping me become a better person aligned with God’s will. Something I’ve learned from Acts is that we’re never too holy for a refill.  The most memorable thing Acts did for me was helped my child and I heal from our accident. Pastor Vic and Kortney opened their home to me for a few days. I didn’t remember calling about my accident, but when I woke up they were at my bedside, praying for me.

Acts has been such a blessing to my life. Acts embodies love and  I found it when I needed love the most. Acts has grown me, taught me, feed me, encouraged me, & corrected me. I truly think it is the perfect place for imperfect people. God is at Acts and I wanna be where He is!

Taylor W.

Ashley D.

Lashae D.

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