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History of Christ Ministries, Inc & Acts Campus Ministry


Christ Ministries, Inc was founded in 1989 by Bishop Andrew Robinson, PhD, DDiv. and Rev. Wanda Kay Robinson, MDiv. Since that time the ministry has expanded into far-reaching avenues of ministry: established churches, campus ministries, school of divinity, ordained and licensed ministers, and continually train pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc. for ministry preparation and leadership development.


The Robinson’s started their first ACTS Campus Ministry at Eastern Illinois University in April 2007, and has since expanded to other universities: Acts Campus Ministry at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (August 2015) led by Pastors Victor and Kortney Jones, ACTS Campus Ministry at University of Southern Indiana (January 2016) led by Pastor Steve Roehm and First Lady Elisabeth Roehm. They are currently in the process of establishing new campus ministries in California, Texas, and Illinois. 


There are numerous churches throughout the United States which operate under Christ Ministries, Inc. The Robinson’s are currently in the process of developing additional churches in Illinois and are in the planning process for additional churches in strategic areas of the country.


The Robinson’s began a Cultivating Ministers Program in January 2013, and was soon transformed into the Christ Ministries School of Divinity. The school offers a two-year master of divinity degree program for individuals aspiring to become ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The culmination at the end of the program results in graduates not only receiving their degree but also becoming ordained ministers. Graduates are well-equipped to become pastors, evangelists, missionaries, teachers, etc. Most graduates are currently serving as pastors or assistant pastors.


The Robinson’s aspire to equip ministers, establish ministries throughout the United States that will elude the realness of the manifest presence of Jesus and the true gospel message resulting in a harvest of souls for God’s kingdom and transformed lives with a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

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